I have taken "snapshots" since I was about 19 (I have thousands sitting upstairs somewhere to prove it!). I used a cheap Zenith SLR for many years along with many cheap compact cameras. With the advent of digital cameras taking snapshots became so much easier and, thanks to the 'World Wide Web' and a little bit of patience, anyone can have a website and put their piccies out there.
All of us in my family enjoy wandering around zoos, wildlife parks and conservation areas (Rainham Marshes and Langdon Conservation Centre, which are both RSPB sites, are close to us). Most of the snapshots on here are from our days out and about. Nothing outstanding I'm afraid and I rarely use a monopod let alone a tripod. I will add photos if we get any decent or unusual ones (and I go through my 15 years of unorganised, digital snaps on various PC's and root out the better ones)